R E Lee Memorial
Episcopal Church

Growing in the Knowledge of God's Word

Building the Fellowship of the Church

Caring for One Another and the Community

Sunday, April 23

Holy Eucharist Rite I
8 am

Holy Eucharist Rite II
10:30 am

Dinner Church, 5 pm 
At Dinner Church, worship takes place at the table around a meal. Communion is made as we share food and ourselves by exploring scripture, singing, and praying together. Please bring a dish to share. 
Parish Meeting, Parish Hall, 9:15 
The Vestry will hold a Parish Meeting  at 9:15 to discuss the recommendations and the Vestry's actions from the Discovery and Discernment Committee's Final Report.
One Room Sunday School for Children and Youth
3rd floor, College Ministry Room, Parish House, 9:15
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